This is the list of all FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions related to us)

  • Do I have to pay the shipping charges?

Shipping on orders of above Rs. 499 is absolutely free. There are no additional charges to the same either.

  • Why Extra Rs. 50 for delivery are charged?

This is an additional fee, which is charged by the courier companies, the only way to avoid this is prepaid order.

  • How do I cancel or modify this order?

It is as easy as it sounds until we ship it. Feel free to give us a call, email, or Instagram message DM with the changes you want, we will definitely help you.

  • Can I place my order manually?

Yes, you can. Just drop us a text on any contact addresses on the page and our team will guide you.

  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?

As long as the product is alive, kicking, and in the same condition as new, we would accept it back within 2 weeks of delivery*.

  • Do you maintain inventory/stock of your own?

Yes, we maintain our own stock.

  • Do you have formal tie-ups with any supplier or manufacturer for sourcing products?

No, for some products we have tie-ups with the manufacturers and for some, we don’t.